20 Celebrity Moms Prove That a Body After Childbirth Has No Boundaries When It Comes to Charm

Many women know from their own experience what gaining weight after childbirth is like. Some don’t want to put up with the extra pounds and do their best to bring their bodies back to their initial condition, while others enjoy their new shape and curves. For example, the Grammy-winning Christina Aguilera now looks like a million bucks after having 2 kids.

Eva Longoria, 1 kid

Ashley Graham, 3 kids

Kim Kardashian, 4 kids

Christina Aguilera, 2 kids

Alyson Hannigan, 2 kids

Jennifer Love Hewitt, 3 kids

Kirsten Dunst, 2 kids

Helena Bonham Carter, 2 kids

Meghan Markle, 2 kids

Gemma Ward, 3 kids

Jessica Alba, 3 kids

Beyoncé, 3 kids

Jessica Simpson, 3 kids

Has your body changed greatly after having kids? How greatly?

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